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Students are always the first to see potential ways to improve student life on campus. In that spirit, IT RSS is hosting this event for you, the student, to leave your mark on the Missouri S&T campus while showcasing and developing skills crucial to a successful future. The Better Campus Competition is an event which will be hosted by IT Research Support Services during the Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 school year. In this competition, teams of students work on a project based off their own ideas to improve any aspect of the S&T campus.

Meet the Teams


A current problem on campus is how often and how badly bikes get tangled together when parking in the available incarnation of bike racks. The RACKS team aims to alleviate this problem by creating a smarter bike rack that won't tangle the handlebars of bikes as they're parked in the racks.

Food Finder

Sometimes with the hectic schedules of students on campus, it's difficult to know how to balance when to eat and when to study, and when the students finally do find time to eat, they find that the on campus dining options have already closed! Whether this was an early closure, or the product of just spending too long in the library, it would be convenient for students to know when their dining options are going to be open, and when they already have closed. Team Food Finders is addressing this problem with a friendly and intuitive website, and later a mobile app that would inform students when their dining options are open for business, or when they've closed for the evening.

Spot U

When a student is on campus and needs to find a space to review an hour before a test, they must search building by building, floor by floor, before finding a spot they can focus at. However, this search can take away precious time that could be used for studying. With Spot U, students can avoid this hassle by viewing what areas are open to review or relax after a test. They can find these open areas on the go with a mobile application, or at any computer with the web application.

Pony Express

In between the stress of classes, students sometimes need to blow off steam. Whether with a billiards match or a rousing game of Monopoly, students can check out a variety of entertainment from the residential halls or Havener front desk. But this process is currently arduous and involved, team Pony Express aims to change all that. Making the checkout process completely computerized the checkout will be much easier to manage, and no more waste of paper!

Floor 9

An typical part of the college experience is having worried parents. Whether their student is driving back from a weekend at home, or going to those parties that mom and dad don't necessarily know about, they can no longer keep track of their children. With team Floor 9's idea, if the user hasn’t made it back to a set location at a set time, someone of their choice will be notified to go look for them. This idea will put parent's minds at ease and help keep their students safe.


Books are a great source of knowledge, but having four floors in the library combined with the cryptic Dewey Decimal System, trying to find the information you need at any given time is a struggle. Team BookBase will use their skills to create a user friendly system that will give you a down to the shelf location of where the book you seek is, helping you finish your research paper in record time!



TJ Underdogs


Lawn in Order




Meet the Judges

Jeremy Schmidt

Director of Recruiting

Robert Buehler

Software Engineering Team Leader

Ryan Hutcheson

Associate Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tyler Downs

Vice President of Development

Frank Feagans

Director of Research Computing and Associate Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Research Computing

Gi Vania

Director of Enterprise Architect

Kasey Rinehart

Information Technology Project Manager

Jeff Schramm

Associate Professor of History and the Special Assistant to the Provost for eLearning.

Meet the Winners

Food Finder

Grand Champions

  • Ian Roberts
  • Hassan Kaous
  • Brandon Huttsell
  • Logan Green

Spot U

Second Prize

  • Kyle Wegener
  • Hannah Schottel
  • Dakota Ewigman
  • Robert Miller
  • Jonathan Daniels


Third Prize

  • Nathaniel Newhouse
  • Marissa Schaeffer
  • Steven Swiney

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